02/06/17 – REDE VIDA

02/06/17 – WWF


Photo by @chamiltonjames // Sponsored by @CanonUSA. Canon gives you the power to see the world differently. // Borneo is one of those bucket list places that I always wanted to visit. Years ago, I was there to research a film and my job was to visit all the orangutan rehabilitation centers. I immediately fell in love. I had never taken much notice of orangutans before, but when one took my hand and looked into my eyes, well that was it. What struck me about Borneo, though, was the devastation we had wreaked on the place. The rain forest had been destroyed more than anywhere I’d ever seen. However, in the pockets that were left I saw incredible wildlife. I took this image near Tanjung Putting, a research station made famous by orangutan researcher Biruté Galdikas. Bring your Canon Lenses to explore what’s possible on all of your travels. #Canon

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