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Photo by @TimLaman. The Hunt. Recently while in the Serengeti in Tanzania, I had the amazing opportunity to witness a coordinated lion hunt by five lionesses. It was a textbook operation. The lion you see here was moving slowly straight up the middle toward the unsuspecting wildebeest herd in the background. One female was further out to the left, and three others were spread out to the right. With just an occasional glance toward each other to check position, they moved steadily toward the herd, keeping their heads just below grass height, and flanking them on both sides in a precise military-like operation. When the wildebeest finally panicked and bolted (I think it was when they saw two lion cubs way in the back who climbed up on a termite mound eager to see what was going on) a female on the left had an easy time bringing one down. See more from my Africa shoot by following @TimLaman. #lion, #serengeti, #tanzania, #Africa @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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